Recogizer Group GmbH – artificial intelligence for commercial real estate

Recogizer Group GmbH is a leading provider of predictive analytics to the industrial and energy sectors. The company’s innovative analytics applications permanently enhance building energy efficiency and help avoid air conditioning malfunctions.

EnergyControl supplements heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by looking ahead. When fully automated, the systems can cut their energy consumption more than 20 percent. To achieve this, a bespoke control strategy is developed which permanently accounts for weather conditions, customer frequency and opening hours. At the same time, the forward-looking control system guarantees a pleasant and stable indoor climate.

The Bonn-based company works with smart algorithms and artificial intelligence methods. Together with strategic partners and its own international team, Recogizer is a flexible company that operates successfully in the market and is continually growing. It supports operators of commercial properties, office complexes and public buildings to achieve permanent savings in their energy consumption.

MVV Enamic has held a 40.7 percent stake in Recogizer Group GmbH since February 2018.

Recogizer Group GmbH

Rheinwerkallee 2
53227 Bonn

+49 228 299 745 15