Clean energy from the green buoy

We use municipal biowaste for the production of biogas

Potato peelings, garden leaves, leftovers, coffee filters - everything that belongs in an organic bin can become green energy in the future. In modern fermentation plants, we turn this into environmentally friendly biogas that can then be used to generate electricity and heat in combined heat and power plants. The residues from the fermentation of the waste can be reused as valuable compost in gardens and agriculture. Compared to conventional composting of biowaste, biogas production uses the energy stored in the waste and reduces the emission of methane and CO2.

At our plant in Dresden-Klotzsche we recycle around 31,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. We are planning another plant of a similar size for Bernburg in Saxony-Anhalt.


Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH