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We provide solutions for waste reduction, energy generation and recycling

In November 2017, MVV entered a contract with Dundee City and Angus Councils to manage their residual waste (that is waste left over after recyclable materials have been removed). It is a long-term contract under which MVV took over and operate the existing energy from waste facility in Baldovie while building a new, modern facility next door.

Energy from Waste - putting residual waste to good use.

Energy from Waste (or EfW) is the generation of partly renewable electricity and/or usable heat from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill in the UK, or to other countries as 'Refuse Derived Fuel'. Please click here for a general overview of the process.

As part of our dedication to creating awareness on the process involved in the generation of energy from waste (EfW), our facility in Plymouth, MVV Environment Devonport (MED), has developed a video (see below) to explain how we prevent non-recyclable waste from going to landfill. The residual waste is treated as a resource and used as a fuel to generate renewable energy. The EfW process is similar to our newly constructed facility in Baldovie where we receive our residual waste from Dundee City and Angus Councils.

MVV Environment: Schools video, MVV
MVV Environment: Schools video

Waste Hierarchy - Our contribution to the environment

MVV’s Energy from Waste Facilities replace landfill and contribute to renewable energy generation, reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels and cutting methane (CH4) emissions.

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Community Benefits - Working with schools

MVV are committed to engaging with local schools, colleges, and the wider community to offer site tours and waste, energy, and environmental workshops. These can be booked through our Community Liaison Manager by emailing mimi.mwasame@remove-this.mvvuk.co.uk.

Developing Young Workforce

We are proud to work with the Developing Young Workforce to strengthen EfW industry engagement with educational institutions and increase employment opportunities for young people in Dundee and Angus. This summer, we took part in their career inspiration videos as shown below. These videos highlight the importance of #NoWrongPath as we hear about the diverse career journeys that led these individuals to their current job. For more inspiring videos, please click here


Mimi Mwasame - Community Liaison Manager - MVV Environment Baldovie, Developing The Young Workforce Tay Cities
Mimi Mwasame - Community Liaison Manager - MVV Environment Baldovie

LOcHER - Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks

MEB is the second company in the UK to undertake a LOcHER project outside of an educational establishment; this initiative originated within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provides students and apprentices with the opportunity to identify health and safety risks in their area of study.

MEB’s interns and apprentice participated in the LOcHER initiative by creating some Safety posters, that has created a long-lasting legacy for the business. The interns and apprentice produced some safety posters and leaflets in line with 8 MVV identified high risk activities. For more information on how to get involved in the future, please contact our Community Liaison Manager, Mimi Mwasame, mimi.mwasame@remove-this.mvvuk.co.uk, +44 7966 216041.

We are proud to uphold the virtue that health and safety should not be a responsibility assigned to a particular individual or part of an organisation, but an integral part of everyone’s role.

Careers in Energy from Waste

At our newest facility in Dundee, construction is almost complete and we have recruited a new team to operate and maintain it. Have a look at the videos to see what our people have to say about working in the industry.
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Work Placement Opportunities

Whether you’re at school, college or university, you’ll find a work experience placement that fits your goals. Join us for up to three months and discover what it’s really like to work in an Energy from Waste facility.

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Baldovie EfW CHP Facility

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