Social Responsibility

Attractive employer

As employer to around 6,200 employees, we can only reach our company targets and maintain our competitiveness if we have top-performing and highly motivated employees who support our objectives and channel their power of innovation into shaping our success. We therefore accord great significance to our corporate culture. After all, a corporate culture that is shared by all employees is crucial when it comes to build a team spirit and motivating employees.

One aspect of our corporate culture involves appreciating community and diversity. We learn from one another and work together to achieve our shared goals. People with a total of 54 nationalities work together at our group of companies. Regardless of their gender or origins, new employees at our company are mostly granted permanent contracts.

By offering a range of qualified training programmes, attractive jobs and HR programmes, such as those intended to help employees combine their work and family commitments, we are able to find and retain specialists.

Regional responsibility
Our commitment to our regions means we assume social responsibility by getting involved on behalf of the people who live there. Our sponsoring activities enable us to boost MVV’s image and raise awareness of the company. We focus on promoting young people and upcoming talent. Twice a year, we invite applications from groups and projects wishing to receive support from our Sponsoring Fund.

Our Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to retail customers who find themselves in situations of need through no fault of their own and are no longer able to pay their energy and water bills. In cooperation with welfare associations and the City of Mannheim, we have helped a total of about 2,000 private households since this fund was introduced.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department

Sustainability Report Financial Year 2020

Published on 26th February 2021