Convinced customers

Sustainability in our sales activities

We see ourselves as partners to our customers and aim to build long-term relationships based on trust. We aim to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and high product and service quality. At the same time, we intend to minimise the consequences of our activities both for the environment and for the overall population.

To this, we continually listen to the experiences and desires of our customers and actively involve them in our processes. One example of the instruments we use for this is our "Customer Atelier" – a platform for interested and committed customers who would like to help in shaping new products and services by regularly sharing their views with us.

Our retail customers are able to seek advice and support either on location at our advice centres or via our free service numbers. Furthermore, we also offer our customers a wide variety of online services.

Energy savings at customers
We support our customers in making more efficient use of energy and thus in reducing the amount of energy they consume.

Our retail customers in Mannheim have for several years now been able to take part in the MVV Energy Saving Campaign. This not only reduces their electricity costs – MVV’s subsidy and bonus programmes actually save them real cash.

MVV Energy Solutions provides its business customers with energy-related services aimed at enhancing their efficiency and optimising their energy use. We support our customers, for example, in introducing energy audits and management systems. We use these review options as a basis for optimising our customers’ energy use and thus to enhance their energy efficiency.

Reliable energy supply
Our objective is provide our customers with a secure and reliable supply of electricity around the clock. Given the growing share of renewable energies, ensuring a stable supply of electricity is an ever more complex task, one which requires high-performance grids and highly efficient flexible conventional power plants. These are needed to offset fluctuations in electricity feed-in volumes from wind and solar power. This too is one of the reasons why we are continually investing in modernising and expanding our grids and generation plants.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Sustainablity Programme Manager
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Sustainability report

Our annual Sustainability Report forms part of our Annual Report and provides information about the objectives and implementation of our sustainability strategy.