Electricity Bank project partners

Charting new territory in the energy landscape

ads-tec, Nürtingen
ads-tec is a family-run manufacturer and supplier of top-quality, highly durable industrial IT systems and of high-performance battery systems and all-round storage solutions in container format. ads-tec channels more than 30 years of experience and specialist expertise into its systems, all of which are developed in-house. The medium-sized company has around 240 employees at three locations in Germany. The company headquarters in Nürtingen and location in Ostfildern-Ruit are supplemented by a production site opened in 2009 at Wilsdruff near Dresden. The driving force behind ads-tec’s numerous new product innovations is the fact that all development work is performed in-house.

You can find further information about the company here: www.ads-tec.de

University of Stuttgart
The University of Stuttgart is participating in the project via its Institute of Photovoltaics (ipv) and the Technical and Environmental Sociology Department of the Institute of Social Sciences (SoWi V).

Within the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Electrical and Information Technology, the Institute of Photovoltaics (www.ipv.uni-stuttgart.de) has around 40 employees working in the fields of microelectronics, optoelectronics, thin film and semiconductor technology. Since 1970, its research activities have increasingly focused on photovoltaics.

The Technical and Environmental Sociology Department at the Institute of Social Sciences (SoWi V) contributes its academic expertise when it comes to assessing the socioecological dimensions of the practical trials with the Electricity Bank. In particular, the investigations performed by SoWi V into the perception and acceptance of technology among the population are of key importance for the project

You can find further information about the Institute of Photovoltaics here:
and about the Institute of Social Sciences here:

MVV Energie AG, Mannheim
With its electricity, heating energy, gas, water, energy-related services and environmental energy businesses, MVV Energie AG has a unique business portfolio. The horizontal networking and integration of local and regional shareholdings operating in the same business fields is another of the Group’s outstanding features. Renewable energies and the forward-looking markets of climate protection and energy efficiency form a key focus of the Group’s medium and long-term strategy. MVV Energie AG is committed both in Germany and abroad to a variety of innovative projects aimed at shaping the energy system of the future.

MVV Energie is also involved in the "cluster initiative" dealing with stationary energy storage facilities in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and acts as consortium leader in the Electricity Bank project.

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Netrion GmbH, Mannheim
The Mannheim-based grid company Netrion GmbH was founded by MVV Energie AG to account for grid unbundling requirements and has distribution grids in Mannheim and Offenbach.

This grid company manages the operations for the electricity, gas, heating energy and water grids and is based in Mannheim. Netrion is the distribution grid operator for the grid in which the battery storage facility is located and integrated.

You can find further information about Netrion GmbH here: www.mvv-netze.de


Dr. Robert Thomann
Project Manager MVV Energie