Our strategic alignment

We inspire with energy!

We have pioneered and are already successfully implementing the energy turnaround. We have been aligning our company towards the energy system of the future for many years now. To this end, we have invested substantially in renewable energies, energy efficiency and supply reliability.

With our strategy, we are actively tackling the changes arising in what is a dynamic environment. We see the conversion in the energy supply as an opportunity to develop environmentally-friendly, innovative and customer-oriented solutions. We are working to enable all our customers to take part in the energy turnaround – by producing their own energy, saving energy or benefiting from greater transparency about their own consumption.

In this, we are drawing on our own competence, our experience and our power of innovation. We are developing new products and services and accord great value to consistently high service quality.

We will invest a further Euro 3 million in the years ahead and maintain our role in shaping the energy turnaround. Our investment focuses are renewable energies, our waste incineration activities, our services and digitisation.

Expanding renewable energies

One of our key strategic focuses involves generating electricity from renewable energies. We cover the entire value chain in this field: from project development to plant operations through to marketing the electricity.

We currently have total installed electricity capacities of around 200 MW for onshore wind turbines alone. A further focus of our renewable energies activities is using biomass. We are already one of the market leaders when it comes to generating energy from waste timber, non-recyclable timber and fresh timber. Moreover, we are drawing on the market potential for generating electricity and heating energy from biogas.

One key pillar of the future energy system will involve combining highly efficient conventional generation and renewable energies generation. As the reliability, smartness and performance capacity of our grids plays a crucial role here, we are making ongoing efforts to optimise these.

We are growing with CHP

Combined heat and power (CHP) generation in conjunction with environmentally-friendly district heating is a core component of our growth strategy. We currently generate around 31 percent of our electricity and more than 90 percent of our heating energy using CHP. At the same time, we are further expanding heating energy generation and the district heating grids at all of the locations at our group of companies.

The Küstenkraftwerk K.I.E.L. power plant will replace the joint power plant on Kiel Fjord. In combination with a heating energy storage facility and a power-to-heat system, this plant will be able to react with the utmost flexibility to the changing needs of the energy market.

Producing electricity and heating energy from waste is a core component of a modern, resource-efficient and closed-cycle economy. We are one of Germany’s leading companies in this area, which is making an important contribution to the energy turnaround. With our waste-fired power plants in Plymouth and Dundee and our biomass plant at Ridham Dock, we also operate successfully in the UK.

At the locations operated by our strategic investments, we are also investing in extending existing heating energy generation systems and environmentally-friendly district heating.

Focus on smart products and services

We are developing innovative services and products for smart and decentralised energy management – always with a view to the wishes and needs of our industrial, retail and commercial customers. These customers benefit from the fact that, together with our partners, we can offer a combination of energy industry know-how, software intelligence, great experience and expertise.

Today already, the digitisation of processes and products is a key topic, and one that is set to become ever more important in future.

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05. November 2018| juwi AG

juwi crosses the 100-MW mark in Vietnam

The new PV project has a size of 50 megawatts and is to be constructed in the middle of Vietnam close to the eastern coastline.

10. October 2018| juwi AG

juwi enters solar market in Vietnam

18. September 2018| juwi AG

Juwi signs agreement with University of Queensland to deliver PV Hybrid Project on the Great Barrier Reef

15. August 2018 | juwi AG

South Africa: juwi to construct and operate 250 MW solar PV in REIPPPP Round 4 projects

Major milestone in the company’s history / Addition of this 250 MW triples juwi’s existing portfolio of solar PV projects constructed and operated in South Africa

15. August 2018 | MVV Energie

MVV remains on course and maintains high pace of investment

Mannheim energy company confirms earnings forecast after third quarter: MVV expects slight year-on-year operating earnings growth in 2018 financial year – High pace of investment to generate growth and safeguard supply reliability

04. July 2018 | juwi AG

juwi completes 135 Megawatt Solar Park in India

Biggest single project in the company’s history / Project confirms status as one of the top global EPC contractors

18. June 2018| MVV Energie

MVV officially starts construction of new Dundee Energy from Waste CHP Plant

Modern facility will replace existing power plant at Baldovie / German Energy Company invests £125 million in long-term sustainable solution for waste from Dundee and Angus

15. May 2018 | MVV Energie

MVV in favour of accelerated expansion in renewable energies and combined heat and power generation:

Positive signals sent by Grand Coalition will have to followed up with specific implementation

09. March 2018 | MVV Energie

MVV pays unchanged dividend of Euro 0.90 per share