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9th October 2018: 500,000 tonnes of biomass treated

Our Biomass facility at Ridham Dock has been operational since December 2014. In the 46 months between then and now, the facility has accepted over half a million tonnes of waste wood, highly efficiently producing CO2 neutral energy. The facility and our operations team have both delivered a very high degree of reliability and service for our customers during this time.

24th September 2018: New kits for the Herons

We have been sponsoring the football team of the Iwade Herons since the last season and will continue to do so for the season that has just started – including a new kit with the MVV logo on it. The Herons had a good pre-season campaign with reaching the Semi-finals of The Aylesford tournament held at the beginning of September. They also came out 3-1 winners from their first league game – a positive start to the season.

30th July, 2018: Support for Iwade Rock Charity Festival

Growing each year, this year’s Iwade Rock Charity Festival was held in the Herons Playing fields in School lane, Iwade, very much within the local community. This year, the festival supported the local charity SATEDA (Support & Action To End Domestic Abuse), providing direct access to support, advocacy and advice for victims of domestic abuse. MVV helped sponsor this event and has done so in the past. As a local business, we are fully committed to supporting local groups and charities as part of our social responsibility.

9th May 2018: MVV appoints Kent Wildlife Group

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have looked very carefully at the best options for our SSSI site next to the biomass facility here at Ridham. We have identified the best places for wildlife to co-exist next to industry to ensure they are protected from possible impacts. Following this process, we have now appointed specialist environmental group Kent Wildlife Trust to assist us in managing this area in the best way possible. It is their responsibility to properly protect and manage this area to ensure we compliment the natural habitats that support some special birds and wildlife.

26th March 2018: Visit from Borden Primary School

What is electricity? Where does it come from and how is it generated? These questions were on the minds of a class of year 4/5 pupils from Borden primary school when they came for a site visit to our facility. The pupils spent a very productive morning learning about waste and renewable energy, supported by Jane, our community liaison manager from Plymouth. They even discovered how to generate electricity just from simple fruit, lighting up a bulb or two.

We explained how we here at MVV do the same thing on a larger scale, generating electricity from a renewable source. Highlight of the visit was a tour to help visualise that process, from fuel in the wood yard to the boiler, control room and other points of interest with questions in between.

20th March 2018: Maintenance work

We are taking advantage of some necessary work on our grid connection to do some maintenance on our facility. We carry out maintenance from time to time, normally in the summer, but reschedule it when it suits other activities. The time for work is limited to inspections on the boiler and grate system with some work being undertaken of minor nature. Our next main outage is scheduled for March 2019.

11th January 2017: Beaver Colony visits Ridham Biomass Facility

Twenty young Beaver Scouts visited Ridham Dock Biomass Facility to learn how we make energy from waste wood. Operational staff showed them around the Facility, including a visit to see the fire. They also had the opportunity to learn about responsible waste management and take part in an engineering challenge. Both the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed their visit and it is hoped that further educational trips will be arranged.
Beaver Scouts' Visit 1
Beaver Scouts' Visit 2
Beaver Scouts' Visit 3
Beaver Scouts' Visit 4
Beaver Scouts' Visit 5
Beaver Scouts' Visit 6

23rd July.2016: MVV Ridham supports Iwade Rock

A family day out with great music – that is what Iwade Rock is all about. The charity event in a village close to our biomass power plant at Ridham Docks was held for the fifth year in 2016, and MVV Ridham helped sponsor it by allowing the organisers to purchase and provide two VIP package areas. After the event, the tents and accessories were given to the local Iwade Herons football team to be used as changing rooms.

5th January 2016: New outfit for Iwade Heron Under 5's

The youngest football team of the Iwade Herons, the Under 5's, are sporting a new outfit, sponsored by MVV Environment Ridham. The budding football stars were very happy with the new jerseys and jackets - and proud to be supported by a local enterprise.

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