Planning our CHP power plant

Documents and permits for the Ridham Dock project

On 18th October 2012, MVV Environment Ridham was given consent for some changes to the already approved CHP biomass plant at Ridham Dock by Kent County Council. The design changes included a switch from a 2-stream plant with water cooling to a 1-stream plant with air cooling. These changes were made to improve the project and reduce the visual impact. Kent County Council also gave consent on 7 November 2012 to changes in the access to the site so that there would be a central weighbridge and separate carriageways for lorries and cars to enter and leave the site and a larger area for the storage of wood.

Before site preparation work commenced in November 2012, the site was prepared according to the planning conditions. Included in these conditions were the relocation of reptiles and water voles to a newly created habitat and an archaeological review of the site.

The planning documents

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