Mannheim Biomass Power Plant – green electricity from waste timber

Generating environmentally-friendly energy from biomass

Mannheim Biomass Power Plant began operating in 2003 and specialises in incinerating waste and non-recyclable timber. The plant is able to incinerate all categories of waste timber. Prior to incineration, the timber is treated and turned into wood pellets at a proprietary treatment plant.

Timber: a valuable commodity

Biomass power plants form a particular focus of our activities. After all, biomass – with its inherent energy potential – can act as a valuable commodity within a closed-loop climate-friendly cycle. By operating our biomass power plants, we are meeting our responsibility towards society in terms of promoting the use of renewable energies. Together with our energy from waste activities, we are thus contributing significantly to putting resources to sustainable use and building a climate-friendly energy supply.

High efficiency rates achieved with spreader-suspension type firing

The power plants in Mannheim and Flörsheim-Wicker work with spreader-suspension type firing. The heating energy generated by incinerating the biomass turns the water in the boiler into steam. This powers a turbine, which produces the electricity via a generator. The ash resulting from incineration is put to environmentally-friendly use as a material in road construction and landscaping.

Market integration of renewable energies

With the market premium model, the Federal Ministry of the Environment introduced an alternative model for marketing green electricity at the beginning of 2012. On this basis, we take due account of the respective situation and demand levels and integrate the electricity generated at our biomass power plants directly into the market.

Facts and figures at a glance
Approval17th Federal Immissions Protection Ordinance
Subsidy period (under Renewable Energies Act)20 years
Launch of operations2003
Timber typesAI – AIV timbers
FiringTravelling grate with spreader-suspension firing
Storage capacityapprox. 5,000 Mg
Annual throughput140,000 Mg/a
Treatment capacity50 Mg/h
Reported calorific value 15,400 kJ/kg
Electricity production160.000 MWh/a
Personnel Power plant: 15 employees
Treatment plant: 10 employees

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Mannheim Biomass Power Plant

Our biomass power plants exclusively produce climate-friendly electricity, thus contributing towards sustainable environmental protection.

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