Renewable energies

We are building on wind power, biogas and biomass

Since 2009, we have invested around Euro 730 million to expand our renewable energies generation capacities and our project development activities in this field. Alongside biomass, biogenic waste and biomethane, our generation strategy focuses in particular on wind power. We have installed renewable electricity capacities of 467 megawatts. Of this total, wind power accounts for 196 megawatts.

Renewable energies project development

Due to our cooperation with Juwi AG and with our subsidiary Windwärts Energie GmbH, in our renewable energies business we cover the entire value chain from project development to plant operations through to electricity marketing.


This means we have extensive project development expertise and great competence in operations management, i.e. the provision of technical and commercial support for windfarms and solar parks on behalf of their owners. In the 2018 financial year alone, we finalised the development of 1,011 MW worth of new renewable energies plants.

Reference projects

Biomass power plant in Mannheim: electricity from waste timber

We launched operations at our biomass power plant in Mannheim in 2003. Here, we exploit the energy contained in waste and non-recyclable timber that can no longer be put to any alternative use. We incinerate around 15 tonnes of timber an hour in Mannheim and thus produce around 80 tonnes of steam. This is used to drive a turbine which via a generator produces electricity with a capacity of 20 megawatts. We feed the electricity generated this way into the public electricity grid.


Sustainably generated biomethane from Kroppenstedt

In Kroppenstedt, we ferment energy plants and non-recyclable waste resulting from livestock farming. This substrate mix helps to avoid monocultures and is especially valuable in ecological terms. continues

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Sustainability report

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