Investments in the energy turnaround

Sustainability makes key contribution to value creation

Our Group’s earnings and financial strength provide the economic foundation enabling us to do justice to our social and ecological responsibilities.

We are major economic players in our core regions – as clients for industry, trade companies and service providers, as employers, as sponsors to cultural, social, sports and ecological projects and as payers of taxes and duties. Large numbers of jobs are directly or indirectly dependent on our companies.

Others talk about the energy turnaround. We make it happen.

We will deliberately be maintaining the high pace of investment seen in recent years in future as well. In the years ahead, we will invest a further Euro 3 billion in the energy system of the future – of which Euro 300 million in the 2018 financial year alone.

Our largest investment projects in the past years include:

  • Acquiring a 63.1% stake in Juwi AG
  • Acquiring a 100% stake in Windwärts Energie GmbH,
  • Building an energy from waste plant in Plymouth and a biomass power plant at Ridham Dock, both in the UK
  • Building wind turbines at the Hain-Ost location and in Freudenberg
  • Building biomethane plants in Stassfurt and Barby
  • Expanding and increasing the density of our district heating grids.

Generation and Infrastructure

By investing in existing and new generation plants, we have in recent years significantly increased our energy generation capacity.

In the 2017 financial year, electricity generation at renewable energies plants accounted for a 56 percent share of our total electricity generation volumes. Since 2010, we have doubled our installed renewable energies capacities. MVV is thus one of Germany’s leading operators of onshore wind turbines and biomass and biomethane plants. Overall, our renewable energies plants have installed capacities of 438 megawatts.

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