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MVV Energie AG

Using waste timber to generate energy


Clean energy from regenerative resources

Waste and non-recyclable timber is a burden for your company. After all, disposing of the timber costs money and leaves a bitter aftertaste. Why not change that? We can compile concepts that are precisely tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to putting all categories and volumes of timber to optimal use. This resource is an important fuel that should not be left unused at the rubbish dump. We can use it to generate environmentally-friendly electricity and heating energy.

Our template for you

You can use our template for your disposal and/or collection and disposal certification.

Download as pdf file (30.54kB)


Generating energy from waste timber – making good use of a special resource rather than throwing it away

In our energy production, we attach great value to using waste timber to generate energy. After all, waste timber is a special material when it comes to building a resource-efficient, climate-neutral and closed-cycle economy, one in which all materials are used down to the tiniest possible residue. When timber is incinerated, it only emits precisely that volume of CO2 which the plant took from the atmosphere during its growth phase.

In terms of energy generation, that makes timber a very environmentally-compatible choice. By using waste timber, we simultaneously reduce waste volumes and help to protect existing forestry stocks. If your production processes, retail activities or commercial operations result in waste timber, we can act as your solution-driven partner for sustainable waste management and energy-related topics.

Whatever kind of waste timber – we can take care of it

Among other materials, our biomass power plants can incinerate all kinds of waste timber. Here, we categorise the waste timber in accordance with the German Waste Timber Ordinance.

  • AI – Untreated waste timber with immaterial contaminations
  • AII – Treated waste timber that is glued, varnished, coated or painted
  • AIII – Waste timber with halogenic organic compounds in its coating, but no wood preservers
  • AIV – Waste timber treated with wood preservers with a high concentration of noxious substances (except PCB waste timber)

When it comes to dealing with waste timber, each of these categories has its own requirements. Timber is a popular material and has to be treated differently depending on its previous use. Incinerating varnishes or preservers, for example, can lead to contaminants being emitted into the atmosphere.

To minimise this pollution to the greatest possible extent, we inspect your waste timber and draw on our expertise to categorise it correctly. This way, you can be sure that your waste timber will be optimally treated. We compile solutions individually tailored to your needs.

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Marcus Bracht

Managing Director of MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH

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