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MVV Energie AG

Using waste to generate energy


Incinerating organic waste to ensure all-round resource management

Household and commercial waste is a valuable source of energy. What’s more, you can guarantee the reliability of your disposal solution while also helping to build a resource-efficient, climate-neutral and closed-cycle economy. Why not exploit the added value contained in materials you yourself can no longer use?

We deal with waste management for companies and public sector organisations and use non-recyclable waste to generate valuable energy.


Building long-term energy solutions with waste incineration strategies

End-to-end resource management saves costs and protects the environment. Turning waste into energy requires planning input and great expertise. First of all, a suitable fuel has to be selected. This way, the input flows for energy from waste plants can planned in a way that makes sense.

The delivery options then have to be thought through and selected. After that, both the energy and the residues produced by the incineration plants are marketed so that all of the plant outputs can be put to renewed use.

Your expertise is in managing your company or in coordinating public affairs. Our strength lies in finding optimal solutions for energy-related topics.

That is why you can let us provide disposal solutions with waste incineration. We act as your energy partner and find the best options for your waste management. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Our template for you

You can use our template for your disposal and/or collection and disposal certification.

Download as pdf file (30.54kB)


Your reliable partner for efficient disposal solutions involving waste incineration

MVV Umwelt is the right efficiency partner for you when it comes to developing disposal solutions and putting effective waste management in place. We can make our power plant portfolio, our storage opportunities and our skills available to you. That way, you stand to benefit from reliable and economically viable waste treatment. Working with us as your dependable partner, you can secure your waste management on a long-term basis. Together with you, we can devise solutions that meet your individual needs.

Our aim is to ensure that your waste is put to reliable and efficient use. Here, you can help us to protect the environment! Alongside industrial and commercial waste, we also use the non-recyclable waste from 19 local authorities to generate energy. We would be glad to share the experience we have gained from generating energy from waste at our own plants and at other plants where we manage the operations.

You too stand to benefit from environmentally-friendly energy production with smart disposal solutions.

We are your partner for all energy-related topics. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Marcus Bracht

Managing Director of MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH

Telefon: +49 621 290 4657