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MVV Energie AG

Economical waste incineration with MVV


Safe and efficient operations at energy from waste plants

Waste incineration offers a sensible way of combining waste disposal with generating electricity and heating energy from regenerative energy sources. Unlike many other fuels, waste is a non-standardised material that needs experience and competence if it is to be suitably prepared to ensure optimal results. Potentially poisonous and hazardous materials, for example, have to be removed prior to incineration. Another key topic when it comes to incinerating waste involves disposing of the residues remaining after energy production.

With decades of experience in operating its own energy from waste plants, MVV can act as a competent energy partner to you and see to the operation of your plants as well. This frees up financial and personnel resources at your company, while also guaranteeing efficient and safe operations.


Waste incineration for disposal companies and public sector clients

Waste management is an increasingly important factor in energy production.

That means efficient incineration is also an ever more important topic for municipal utility and disposal companies. Alongside conventional waste incineration, the incineration of waste timber is also a resource-efficient energy source.

Competence in waste management and energy

As an energy producer and partner to towns and companies, MVV is very familiar with all the steps involved in generating, distributing and marketing electricity.

With MVV as your partner for energy topics, you stand to benefit from end-to-end resource management concepts that, if needed, can go well beyond operating energy from waste plants. As well as the experience it has gained from operating three biomass power plants, which incinerate waste timber, and numerous energy from waste plants, MVV also has extensive grid competence and municipal expertise.

Our template for you

You can use our template for your disposal and/or collection and disposal certification.

Download as pdf file (30.54kB)


As a solution-driven partner and operator of your plants, MVV implements effective process optimisation measures to enhance the economic viability of existing plants or planned new plants. That frees up your personnel and enables you to benefit from efficient and experienced operations management.

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