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MVV Energie AG

We develop solutions for your grids


Grid analysis

The service we provide for your supply systems offers the right solution for your grids

Taking over, developing and operating heating energy grids – that is a challenge, but one you can make a success of by working with MVV Netze. We can provide you with operating expertise and help you to avoid misjudgements. As a solution-driven partner, we can assist you with any questions and problems. By enhancing your efficiency, we can also reduce your costs.

You can count on our experience!

Pipe grid analysis for new and existing grids

The services MVV Netze GmbH provides focus on your needs. Our grid analysis services for district heating, steam, gas and water grids of all sizes and topologies use software to model all relevant grid structures and conditions.

This service makes numerous factors affecting your grid actually visible. This way, we create a basis for optimising your grid.


We can enhance the reliability and cost intensity of your grid and enable any malfunctions to be analysed more easily.

You too stand to benefit from our experience in building, operating and maintaining supply systems!

Our service for your supply systems

Draw on expertise gained from practice

Why not generate added value for your business by drawing on our wealth of experience? After all, a strong focus on economic benefits is part of the culture at the municipal utility companies behind MVV Netze GmbH.

We can act as an efficiency partner to you for investment decisions, feasibility reviews and target grid planning. We would be glad to share our experience of supply systems with you. Working together with you, we can optimise your operations, enhance your skills and offer suitable training. Boost your economic efficiency with MVV Netze GmbH at your side!

Architect and construction engineer services

Turning projects into reality

Have you thought about consulting an experienced team of architects and engineers when implementing your project? A top-quality team can implement your project in way that is attractive in terms of its architecture and viable in terms of its operations. We can also help you to ensure that your project retains its value and sets an innovative tone. We make the best team available to you, one that will see to the master planning, project management and feasibility studies.

Not only that, the team at MVV Netze also offers a range of services for energy-related topics, sustainable construction and special fire protection planning. Building, maintaining and modernising grids and supply buildings – these aspects all form part of our expertise. We would be glad to share this with you.

We can offer you smart solutions from a single source.

Get in touch with us.

Adrianus Johan Veen

Head of Planning and Construction Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 3448