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MVV Energie AG

That’s how you save energy costs today


MVV’s energy consulting: Providing competence and expertise to business and industry

In today’s world, you expect your energy supplier to do more than just supply you with electricity and gas. As experts in all energy-related topics, our aim is to make our competence and expertise available to the benefit of your company. We are not just suppliers. We are your efficiency partner and can work with you to find the best energy solutions for your company.

Energy check – cut your costs

Among other aims, our energy consulting should also cut the costs of your energy supply. This often involves reducing your actual energy use. Our competent energy consulting services identify the measures that can be taken to cut your energy consumption. This way, you can save money while also helping to protect the environment.


MVV’s energy consulting – Your advisor in the energy cosmos

Electricity costs are not easy to figure out, as they consist of various components. Some of these can be influenced, but others cannot. We can show you whether and how you can save money with your supply, grid use, duties, levies and taxes.

As your efficiency partner, we can apply for any privileging to which you are eligible and identify further potential savings. This way, you stand to cut your costs immediately.

A successful energy audit

With a successful energy audit, you can be sure that you meet legal requirements. You can obtain tax benefits and gain an overview of your consumption. This way, you can take measures to enhance your energy efficiency and cut your costs. Performing the audit conscientiously therefore pays off.


Lucrative energy management for your company

Our energy consulting goes into great detail. We compile an energy analysis for your company. This way, we show you where there is potential for improvement and what measures can be taken to improve your energy balance sheet. We focus on the success of these measures. You only pay a fee for the consulting solution once tangible benefits have arisen. This means you have control over the situation at all times and demonstrably benefit from our work. Get in touch with us!

Interested in optimising your energy balance sheet?

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