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MVV Energie AG

Adjust the factors that count with our Energy Check


Your company needs energy. That is actually the only aspect of your energy supply that cannot be changed. You can adjust all other factors. Can you save money on the various components of the electricity price? Are you eligible, for example, to benefit from privileged rates on the various levies charged?

Are there relevant discounts for specific sectors or consumption volumes? You stand to save money without having to accept any restrictions in return. In our Energy Check, we look into the options available in your individual case.

Our Energy Check – a way to protect the environment

The Energy Check forms part of our all-round energy efficiency consulting. With our trained eye, we offer an outside perspective and analyse your electricity consumption on your behalf. Even small measures can produce significant reductions in areas of noticeably high consumption.

We scrutinise your savings potential. On this basis, we then devise solutions that are feasible for your company. And we make sure these solutions do not involve significant expense. Having said that, substantial savings sometimes need to be looked at closely. Here, we can analyse whether the outlays would be worthwhile for you.

Our expertise for your company

Why not let your company benefit from our services? Even if only minor adjustments are made, the energy efficiency check already pays off. We can offer you all-round advice as your partner for energy-related topics. To cut your electricity costs and make your company more environmentally-friendly, we aim to perform commercial optimisation measures and compile an energy analysis of your company.


We can act as your efficiency partner and your point of contact for all energy-related topics. Do you ask yourself how you can save energy costs at your company in the long term? If so, we can perform our Energy Check, which identifies potential savings and shows what measures are possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Marissa Keller

Sales Support

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