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MVV Energie AG

Energy monitoring for your company


Checking and reducing your electricity consumption

If you do not regularly monitor energy consumption at your company or systems, you may miss out on substantial savings potential. After all, unnecessary additional consumption that remains undetected for years may represent a large and avoidable cost factor.

Energy monitoring shows you how you can generate targeted energy savings and ensure your production costs remain lower in the long term than would be the case without optimising your processes and systems. By choosing MVV as your energy monitoring partner, you will also benefit from our extensive experience and solution-driven competence.

Energy monitoring in industry – targeted energy savings

To identify potential energy savings at your company, you should proceed in several stages:

  1. You should first check the electricity consumed by your systems and compare this with similar systems. This gives you an initial overview of the scale of your potential savings.
  2. In a detailed energy monitoring process, you should then check the electricity consumed by individual components of your systems, such as individual machines.
  3. This analysis often leads to the first specific optimisation measures. It may, for example, detect incorrect settings or outdated appliances whose operations are not energy-efficient.

Which companies stand to benefit most from energy monitoring?

Can your company benefit from potential savings, and if so, in which specific areas? Precise answers to these questions can only be offered once your consumption data and energy profile have been subject to initial analysis. As a general rule, the likelihood of the measures having a substantial impact rises in line with the overall energy consumption volume and age of your systems.

That is why energy monitoring is especially important for industrial and manufacturing companies. Not only that, smaller companies can also benefit from MVV’s energy monitoring if they check their electricity consumption and avoid unnecessary additional consumption.


Drawing on a wealth of competence and experience in energy-related topics, MVV can act as your efficiency partner and accompany you from the first steps through to the specific implementation of potential improvements.

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