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MVV Energie AG

Procuring energy with MVV


Benefit from strategic energy procurement

If your company is involved in manufacturing, then energy procurement is an unavoidable topic for you. Energy plays a major role in determining a company’s overall costs. This factor should be approached strategically, as it often harbours substantial savings potential.

Why not optimise your energy procurement by working with us as your energy partner? This way, you stand to gain a key competitive advantage.


Optimising your company’s energy procurement

You have special requirements in the energy supplier to your company. To find the optimal solution, you need a partner who is an energy industry expert and can work with you to find an inexpensive energy procurement solution specially tailored to your needs.

Transparent energy procurement

Keep informed about the latest developments. With the MVV Energy Cockpit, you can monitor your consumption, costs and analytical data at all times. Structure your energy procurement as closely to your company’s needs as possible. We can assist you here by analysing your needs and proposing the best-suited solutions for your business.

You decide and then we work together to implement the new energy procurement approach. Procure your electricity, gas and heating energy with MVV.

Benefit from our experience!

Simona Amico

Sales Support

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