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MVV Energie AG

MVV’s district heating – inexpensive for you and good for the environment


Your company’s heating supply requires a great deal of input. You have to choose the right fuel, maintain the boilers and perform waste gas checks. And then there are the environmental protection requirements which have to be met in all circumstances. All that takes time and is not the most effective solution. And yet district heating prices in Mannheim have been some of the cheapest in Germany for years now.

Opting for a convenient supply of district heating frees up your time for your actual business.

THERMA District Heating from MVV for your company

MVV’s district heating is the perfect way to supply your company with district heating. THERMA District Heating is environmentally friendly and convenient. Not only that, it meets the requirements of the German Renewable Energies Heating Act (EEWärmeG) and the Energy Saving Ordinance for existing buildings and improves your energy balance sheet.

We offer you heating that requires additional input. Converting to MVV’s district heating would be in line with the times. Why not find out about our district heating rates for Mannheim and the region?

MVV’s supply area

60 percent of all households in Mannheim already benefit from our district heating. We supply 12,000 buildings with environmentally-compatible heating energy from the large power plant in Mannheim (GKM). Given a total grid length of 567 kilometres, your company may also be within reach of our district heating pipelines and eligible for connection.

You can perform an availability check to see whether your location can be linked up to the district heating grid.

Connect your company to the district heating grid

Once you have checked the availability of district heating at your location, you can contact MVV to obtain a non-binding district heating offer.

We would be glad to assist you with all the steps you then need to take to obtain a district heating connection at your location. We can provide you with all the information you need to know, also about the relevant legal requirements.

Any questions?

District heating is an exciting and wide-ranging topic. Converting to district heating also involves an investment.

We would be glad to answer your questions.

Simona Amico

Sales Support

Telefon: +49 621 290 3656