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MVV Energie AG

Structured electricity procurement with MVV


If you consume more than ten million kWh of electricity a year, then having an experienced energy partner at your side to help you plan your strategic electricity procurement and obtain the best results from the energy market is absolutely indispensable.

MVV offers effective solutions which meet your individual requirements and contribute to your business success. After all, we are a strong partner with a portfolio of products and services that fit your business.


Make no compromises in optimising your electricity costs

The ideal electricity procurement is tailored to your needs and combines planning reliability with flexibility. That is exactly what our Electricity Energy Fund does. It focuses on the specific needs of your company. This way, you benefit from lower energy costs without having to make any compromises in return.

With our market-based procurement strategy, we make sure that our Electricity Energy Fund buys electricity at the right time – also in periods of fluctuating prices. At the same time, you remain in charge and – based on recommendations made by our trading experts – make your procurement decisions yourself.

The Electricity Energy Fund procures all your energy volumes in monthly instalments. With us, you exploit all the opportunities offered by spreading the risk. Rather than buying the energy at a fixed price and date, your pay an average price based on 36 purchase rounds.


With our solutions, you can

  • Optimise your energy procurement business processes.
  • Enhance your performance with MVV’s award-winning Energy Monitor.
  • Benefit from great price transparency and simplified budget, procurement and cost checks.

The benefits of the Energy Fund for you at a glance

  • Minimal procurement risk by spreading purchases in monthly instalments (up to 36)
  • Long-term planning reliability due to early energy procurement at attractive market prices
  • Added value at no extra cost. We see to everything you need for well-considered procurement
  • Nationwide supply and one contract for all locations
  • One contact partner for all your energy procurement across all locations
  • Maximum transparency with the reporting and analysis tool. All consumption data, including a cost forecast, is available to you online.

Option: Electricity + Spot Energy Fund

Benefit from long-term planning on the futures market and short-term price advantages on the spot market: the Electricity + Spot Energy Fund.

As well as high planning reliability, we also offer you the chance to additionally exploit price advantages on the spot market. We generate these price advantages with our Electricity + Spot Energy Fund by reacting flexibly to changes in the market, particularly at times when large volumes of electricity are fed in by renewable energies (PV and wind turbines).

The energy you need is then procured on two markets – the futures market and the spot market. At the beginning of the procurement process, specific percentages of your volumes are allocated to the futures and spot markets in line with your individual needs. The volume to be procured on the futures market is divided into up to 36 purchase dates, enabling you to benefit from an average price based on up to 36 purchases.

The rest of your electricity is procured on the spot market. Here, electricity is traded at short notice. The short-term interaction of supply and demand gives the opportunity to benefit from low purchase prices.

Get in touch with us if you would like to optimise your electricity procurement!

Simona Amico

Sales Support

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