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MVV Energie AG

Enhance efficiency of your generation plants


Do you operate a generation plant to take part in the energy market or supply your company with “home-made” electricity? Either way, you should certainly think about enhancing the efficiency of your energy plants. You stand to win twice over – by generating energy and minimising your losses. As your energy partner, we can help you to operate your generation plant as profitably as possible. We have a range of solutions to achieve this.


Efficient steam generation instead of proprietary generation plant

The German Renewable Energies Heating Act sets out strict requirements. If your generation plant is not up to date, the investments and operating costs may mean that it is inefficient.

Energy contracting for your energy plant

Why not work with MVV to enhance the efficiency of your energy plant? One option we can offer you is our energy contracting solution. This way, you benefit from our experience. We see to all services required in connection with your generation plant. Our planning, financing, supply and operating services cover all of the tasks involved in supplying energy and utilities in the form of heating and cooling energy, electricity, air, compressed air and steam. You can operate your energy plants more efficiently by drawing on our full service, which is based on our longstanding experience, competence and expertise.

If you wish, we can offer you advice, plan and build your energy plant. We can also see to its operation, maintenance and repairs. By working with a modern generation plant, you enhance your efficiency and may gain a substantial competitive advantage. This and much more is what we can actually do for you as your efficiency partner.

A proprietary generation plant at no extra cost

With a combined heat and power plant, you can boost your company’s efficiency by using electricity you yourself produce. The generation plant makes you independent of rising energy prices. What’s more, the plant is environmentally-friendly and does not involve any additional expense.

Let’s work together to find the best solution for your needs.

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