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MVV Energie AG

Cut your energy costs with no proprietary investment


Combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) use a variety of possible fuels to generate both electricity and heating energy on location at your company. If both energy forms are drawn on, then the production of electricity and heating energy are combined, making it possible to achieve a far higher overall efficiency rate.

This type of power plant is therefore relatively energy-efficient. It is also very cost-efficient, as it enables companies to make what are often substantial savings compared with electricity and heating energy procured from public grids. Depending on its size and type, the potential capacity of the plant can range from less than two-and-a-half kilowatts to several megawatts.

Powering industrial systems with a CHP plant

For energy-intensive industrial systems and factories, it often makes sense for the energy to be supplied by a CHP plant. This way, they can guarantee an inexpensive and reliable supply of electricity and heating energy. As your partner for energy topics, MVV can see to planning, financing and building the CHP plant. Not only that, it can also take care of all aspects of operations, including maintenance and repairs. You can therefore be sure that the energy supply for your factories and systems is in the best hands.

CHP plants for companies and hotels

CHP plants can be planned and implemented in various sizes. That means you do not need to be a large industrial player to save money by working with a CHP plant. Smaller consumers also stand to benefit from a more efficient energy supply with their own CHP plant. Combining the electricity and heating energy supply at hotels and office blocks, for example, also offers numerous advantages.

After all, these companies also benefit from MVV’s financing if they commission MVV as their efficiency partner to operate the CHP unit. This makes it possible to convert the energy supply without having to commit proprietary capital or incur investment costs. Not only that, this model guarantees efficient and safe operations for the plant at all times and you do not need to commit any of your own personnel resources to look after the plant.

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