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MVV Energie AG

Your partner for heating energy and electricity


If you get a professional to supply your company or its systems with heating energy, steam, compressed air, electricity or cooling energy, then that frees up your own energy to focus on your core business. Having said that, MVV can offer even more – through to an end-to-end energy concept for industrial and other companies.

An ideal solution: energy supply contracting

As a solution-driven energy contracting partner, MVV can see to all aspects of your company’s supply – not only electricity, but also water, gas, nitrogen, compressed air or whatever you need for your systems. If you wish, we can work together with you to plan, finance and implement facilities to generate electricity, heating energy or steam directly on location and then operate these facilities on your behalf. This way, we can guarantee you a supply that is permanently reliable, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive.

We can also modernise your existing systems or convert them to other fuels if you need to upgrade to higher standards.

Save energy: boost your efficiency with contracting

MVV’s contracting solution helps you not only to reduce the costs of procuring your energy, but also to put your energy to more effective use. As your efficiency partner, MVV can help you to boost the energy efficiency of your systems and processes. This way, you can substantially reduce the amount of electricity and heating energy you consume.

Our all-round energy concept for industrial customers includes extensive analyses and proposals that often lead to significant energy savings. In some cases, for example, the volume of electricity used for lighting can be reduced by more than 60 percent by working with LED solutions. This kind of end-to-end energy concept, which looks not only at supply but also at consumption, has the potential to generate substantial savings at most companies.

As your efficiency partner, MVV uses individual concepts to put your energy to effective use. MVV can also operate proprietary energy generation systems for your company.

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