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Our definition of LED contracting: Lights up, costs down


Many offices, factories and production facilities have the lights on all day. With efficient lighting systems, you can therefore save real money with every hour of operations. LED technology has proven to be particularly well suited here. These days, LED is capable of providing every level of brightness and colour of light you could wish for. Given its long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and great efficiency, an LED lighting system pays off relatively quickly, and that even though the initial costs are still quite high.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits without having to take on risks or make any investment yourselves, then LED contracting is just right for you. MVV can act as an efficiency partner to you and can reliably and competently deal with all aspects of the conversion.

The right LED lighting concept for industry

If you agree LED contracting with MVV, then you stand to benefit from the savings resulting from the greater efficiency of LED lights and LED industrial lighting.

Not only that, experts will compile a comprehensive concept for your entire lighting system. Here too, there are potential savings to be made, regardless of whether the room that needs to be lit is a large industrial hall with strict requirements in terms of illumination and light colour or shops and offices with individual lighting design schemes. Ultimately, your system will operate even more efficiently, a factor you will see clearly reflected in your operating costs.

Your partner for lighting concepts and LED contracting

MVV’s “Smart Light Efficiency” solution is an all-round carefree package for your lighting system.

The current status of your lighting system is first recorded and analysed. In many cases, the new lighting can be installed without any additional technical conversion work. After this, the LED lighting concept is competently and reliably implemented.

You do not incur any investment costs, as MVV finances all aspects of the conversion. As soon as you profit from the savings, you pay a contracting instalment corresponding to a share of the savings you make for an amortisation period of around three years. That means you already cut your day-to-day energy cost while simultaneously refinancing the project.

Why not convince yourself by looking at our case example Linhardt?

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