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MVV Energie AG

Everything under control with smart meters


MVV’s smart metering enables you to monitor your company’s energy consumption with absolute precision via an online portal. When budgeting your costs, you can estimate your energy consumption. With smart meters, you also know exactly what the current energy status of your company and its systems is. Based on precise data, you can then optimise your consumption, adjust your procurement and enhance your business management.

With smart metering, we aim to give you a competitive advantage by offering absolute transparency about your energy data. You can access this data whenever you want and wherever you are. We are also available to you as a point of contact. And as your energy partner, we can help you with all relevant topics, from your energy supply to metering and visualisation and right through to billing.


Moving ahead with smart metering

Monitoring enables you to detect any need for improvement and take appropriate actions. This way, you can sustainably reduce your energy costs. Unusual consumption figures are communicated to you by e-mail immediately to enable you to react in good time.

Smart metering – our energy solution for your company

MVV’s smart metering solution also includes a clearly structured online portal which visualises your consumption transparently and also enables you to compare figures for various locations. We equip your company with smart meters. Using these state-of-the-art instruments, your electricity and gas consumption is measured precisely in line with the latest technological standards and then transferred to the online portal. Security is an absolute priority for us here. That is why we supplement your meter systems with a gateway that encrypts your data before it is sent.

Smart metering solutions are one aspect of the services we can provide to your company. If you wish, we can act as your partner for all energy topics, evaluate your company’s energy data and show you what options are available.

Feel free to get in touch with us and smarten up your meters!

Sarah Froin

Sales Support

Telefon: +49 621 290 3938