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MVV Energie AG

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Submetering and decentralised energy – guaranteed transparency and efficiency

Together, submetering and decentralised energy are an effective way to achieve greater efficiency and transparency when it comes to generating and billing energy. Tenant blocks and companies in particular stand to benefit from sustainable and environmentally-aware energy. Heat and operating cost billing makes it possible to allocate the costs to all parties using the residential or commercial building, and that fairly in line with their consumption.

Using smart meters, MVV records individual consumption and, based on these requirements, distributes the energy generated at a decentralised unit in the same building.


If you are a property owner, then you can benefit from decentralised energy generated at a combined heat and power plant or a photovoltaics system on your roof. By working with MVV, you can introduce submetering together with decentralised energy and advance to the age of environmentally-aware electricity.

Decentralised energy for your property

Why not become independent of public energy generation plants? As your energy partner, we can see to planning, financing and operating a decentralised electricity generation facility in your building. Based on modern heat and operating cost billing mechanisms, the decentralised energy is distributed to all parties in line with their needs. Any surplus energy is fed into the public grid. And you incur no additional expense.

We take care of all dealings with the grid operator and offer you all services involved in the metering points. Your tenants or company locations conclude supply contracts with MVV as their energy supplier. Nothing changes for you in terms of handling the energy supply. With decentralised energy, however, your life and work will be more efficient and more environmentally-friendly.

The benefits of submetering for you

Our smart meters measure the energy flows between generation plants, consumers and the public grid. By working with MVV’s submetering solution, you can significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of your property and always have an overview of your consumption. You and your tenants or locations benefit from bills that are permanently available on our online portal. Not only that, you will be independent of price movements and will exclusively use inexpensive green electricity.

As you can see, submetering and decentralised energy offer undeniable benefits. A greener future awaits you!

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