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MVV Energie AG

Powerful and efficient data center solutions

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In practically every company, more and more business processes are based on digital technology and must run reliably at all times. Not surprisingly, energy requirements in the server rooms continue to rise. On this basis, high availability and maximized energy efficiency can be excellently combined - with the right underlying technical concept these investments pay off. Therefore we regard your data center as an energetic infrastructure and provide the appropriate solutions.

All services from a single source

Together with our partner DATA CENTER GROUP, we can meet exactly these requirements: From consulting and planning to professional construction and comprehensive support and service to the professional operation of your data centre, our experts work closely together and in coordination with each other. We implement innovative economic solutions quickly and economically with a broad spectrum of experienced specialists. You receive all services from a single source.

Smart Cooling Efficiency

With our "Smart Cooling Efficiency" solution, we offer you an all-round carefree package for the modernisation and optimisation of your data centre, whether in existing or new buildings. Together with our partner Data Center Group, we develop a cooling concept tailored to fit your needs. Plus, we take over the complete analysis, planning, implementation, financing, maintenance, servicing and warranty processing. This gives you more time for the really important things, saves you money from day one and provides the foundation for certification of your data center.



Planning and construction of computer centres

Every project is unique. We offer you competent advice on all aspects of your individual IT configuration. We plan, realise and expand server rooms and computer centres of every dimension for the most diverse requirements. We develop manufacturer-neutral complete solutions for your IT landscape.

Operating and services for server rooms and data centers

The constantly increasing legal and regulatory requirements for IT operations represent an enormous challenge for all IT areas. For this reason, more and more data center operators are deciding to focus on core competencies and to delegate tasks relating to maintenance, efficiency and economic optimization to service partners. We cover a range of classic, individual and adaptable models, from maintenance and services for partial areas to the entire data center infrastructure.


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With over 25 years of practical experience in more than 1,000 data center projects, we are your ideal partner.

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