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MVV Energie AG

Service for energy suppliers – energy trading and balancing group settlement with MVV


Our service for energy suppliers: efficient energy trading and lower risk

Maximum flexibility and optimal access to the most important energy markets – what energy supplier does not wish for that? That is exactly what our service for energy suppliers provides to you. As your efficiency partner, we can also offer you a low-risk approach to balancing group settlement. You stand to benefit from our innovative energy trading solutions.

Optimal procurement with intraday energy trading

Our service for energy suppliers offers you access to energy trading around the clock. With our MVV Trading subsidiary, we provide you with a portal to all major energy trading markets. We are a reliable partner and can offer you security and transparency. As a group of companies with municipal roots, we are familiar with the needs of public sector clients.

That enables us to find solutions precisely tailored to your needs. We also offer absolute transparency about price and cost structures. You stand to benefit from the flexibility offered by intraday energy trading. We procure and sell electricity, gas, financial coal and oil products both on the exchange and in over-the-counter (OTC) trading, and that around the clock.

The balancing group equaliser for load offsetting

You can rely on our experience. But energy trading is not the only area where we can support you. With our portfolio management, we can develop innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. As energy suppliers, you are obliged to perform precise quarter-hour balancing group settlement.

That is a great challenge, and one where we can help you with our service for energy suppliers. Reduce the risk of potential penalties by working with our quarter-hour equaliser. And that at no extra cost. You provide us with your quarter-hour residual load every day and we see to offsetting this on the spot markets. You then receive a clearly structured invoice.

Our service for energy suppliers offers you maximum flexibility and planning reliability. The respective electricity price is contractually agreed. Based on consistent volumes, you can easily forecast the total costs. With our service for energy suppliers, you can also amend the balancing group settlement volumes during the respective day. That enables you to react quickly to any sudden variances within the balancing group.


We can offer you a reliable and transparent way to reduce your costs and risks.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Dirk Garbe

Key Account Manager

Telefon: +49 621 290 3418

Rolf Jedanowski

Key Account Manager

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