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MVV Energie AG

Lower costs and satisfied tenants


Make your property more attractive with MVV’s smart tenant electricity product. This way, you enable your tenants to use sustainable and environmentally-aware energy. Proprietary electricity generation with combined heat and power (CHP) plants for apartment blocks – that is the way to procure energy in future! If you own residential properties, then you too can rely on decentralised energy from photovoltaics directly at the apartment block or from CHP plant.

By working with MVV, you can develop your tenant electricity model and advance into the age of environmentally-aware electricity.

How to introduce the tenant electricity model to your house

Installing smart tenant electricity at your residential property is very easy. As your energy partner, we see to planning, financing and operating the plant. The electricity generated with your own photovoltaics system or CHP plant is initially fed into the residential property’s own network. Any energy not required at your own house is fed into the public grid. Our smart meters measure the energy flows between the generation plant, your tenants and the public grid.


We are your partner for proprietary electricity generation. We take care of all dealings with the grid operator and offer you all services involved in the metering points. Your tenants conclude supply contracts with us as their energy supplier. As the landlord, you do not incur any additional expense. You and your tenants can enjoy all the benefits of the tenant electricity model.

The benefits of the tenant electricity model for you

Decentralised energy generation at your own apartment block offers numerous advantages for you as the landlord, as well as for your tenants. The same advantages also apply to tenant electricity solutions for companies. These are:

  • You do not incur any additional expense
  • We are always available to help you with any questions or problems
  • You reduce your property’s CO2 emissions
  • Transparent billing via our online portal
  • You are always independent of prices and procure inexpensive green electricity

If you are a landlord, MVV can take you into the age of environmentally-aware energy!

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Sarah Froin

Sales Support

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