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MVV Energie AG

Do you have surplus electricity volumes from your own generation?


Generating electricity for commercial or private use often gives rise to surplus volumes. These surpluses can be fed into the grid and sold at a profit. That helps you to refinance your plants faster and can even provide a source of long-term revenues. If you participate in the balancing power market, you are remunerated merely for being willing to make electricity available.


If you would like to sell electricity, then a variety of legal frameworks apply. These depend on the type and size of the plant, as well as on the date on which operations began.

As your partner for energy-related topics, MVV ensures that you select the most lucrative model for your circumstances. Not only that, with MVV you can be sure to meet all legal requirements as well as your own expectations in supply reliability.

Direct marketing: Selling energy on the Electricity Exchange

When energy is sold on the electricity exchanges, it is traded together with electricity from other sources. A market premium is paid over and above the sales revenues. This “floating market premium” is now the standard approach. It has increasingly superseded the feed-in compensation which was still quite common until just a few years ago.

Are you interested in feeding in and selling electricity which you generate yourself with your existing plants or with plants you are planning to build? If so, MVV can draw on its own experience to compile competent individual solutions for your access to the electricity market.

Mandatory marketing under EEG

The Renewable Energies Act (EEG) makes participation in direct energy marketing obligatory for plants which generate electricity from regenerative energies, have capacities of more than 500 kW, and started operating since the beginning of 2016. The same applies for plants with capacities of more than 100 kW which have started operating since 2017.

We would also be glad to supply electricity to your plants. This way, you can ensure that your plants are inexpensively supplied with electricity even at night or when there is no wind.