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MVV Energie AG

Renewable energies direct marketing with MVV


Renewable energies: direct marketing with MVV

By working with MVV, you can sell the energy from your EEG plants (plants covered by the Renewable Energies Act) directly on the market. Alongside the revenues, you also receive a market premium less a marketing charge.

The benefit for you: You do not have to deal with any of the details. As your partner, MVV takes care of all aspects of the marketing and presents your revenues in monthly accounts in the Energy Cockpit. Not only that, MVV’s excellent creditworthiness also saves you paying guarantee costs. When it comes to optimally marketing your EEG plants, you benefit from our experts’ energy industry competence.

Direct marketing of EEG electricity: the preconditions

If you are interested in taking part in EEG direct marketing with your plants, then MVV can act as a competent and experienced solutions-driven partner and deal with all aspects from planning through to marketing the energy on the electricity market.

Working in partnership with MVV offers you a variety of advantages.

  • Compensation model: Flexible choice between one-stream or two-stream model
  • Notification duties: You are not required to report any downtime or interruptions to operations to us
  • Remote controllability: Your interface will be linked up to our virtual power plant – at no extra charge
  • MVV’s excellent creditworthiness: No costs for payment guarantees and no risk of being assigned to § 21 EEG 2017
  • Bank-agreed contracts: Our direct marketing contracts are accepted by all major banks in Germany
  • Great transparency: Loads, credits and plant master data can be viewed and analysed in our online portal at any time
  • Security from the first kilowatt hour upwards: Our experts ensure uncomplicated registration in EEG direct marketing structures and see to the coordination with grid operators
  • REMIT: We see to your disclosures free of charge
  • Our all-round care-free package for you: Marketing and residual electricity supplies from a single source

Direct marketing of surplus electricity with MVV

If you operate a renewable energies-based electricity generation plant, such as a solar power system or a wind turbine, then marketing the surplus electricity you generate can form part of your strategy for refinancing the plant. From a specified plant size upwards, direct marketing of surplus electricity volumes is even mandatory under the Renewable Energies Act.

As your partner for energy topics, we would be glad to support you in directly marketing your electricity. This way, you stand to benefit from the experience and reliability of a large energy company that itself generates and sells electricity at several power plants.

Any questions? We would be glad to answer them.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Andreas Ulm

Key Account Manager

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