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MVV Energie AG

Marketing non-EEG plants


Do you produce surplus electricity?

You can trust MVV to market your electricity!

If your electricity generation plants are not subsidised under renewable energies legislation (EEG) and produce surplus electricity volumes, then it would be worth marketing these surpluses. Electricity can be sold on the wholesale market and this generates an additional source of revenues for you. For this, your plants must have capacities of at least 500 kWe.

A partnership with MVV can make sense even if you already feed your own electricity into the public grid. You stand to benefit from competent solutions, rapid adjustments to new situations and the experience we have gained from marketing several terawatt hours of electricity from our own surpluses as well as those at our customers.


Solutions for marketing electricity surpluses

MVV has generated and marketed electricity, as well as planning and operating grids and plants, for very many years and has all-round experience. You stand to benefit from our competence and specialist skills if you commission us to market your electricity.

Furthermore, MVV can also act as your solution-driven partner and provide you with the structures and options you need to implement your plans.

How you benefit from MVV’s electricity marketing

Whether you already sell your surpluses on the electricity market or are initially only interested in exploiting an additional revenue source – marketing your surplus electricity volumes with MVV is sure to give you advantages:

  • We offer you individual solutions adjusted in line with your objectives and a fixed contact partner.
  • You save input and can rely on proven strategies.
  • You generate higher revenues from the electricity surpluses sold.
  • If need be, you also benefit from our inexpensive electricity procurement options.

We can tell you which of our solutions is best suited to your needs and inform you about the opportunities available to you from marketing your electricity on the wholesale market.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Dirk Garbe

Key Account Manager

Telefon: +49 621 290 3418