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MVV Energie AG

An energy service provider with great grid competence: MVV Netze


As an energy service provider and partner for all energy-related topics, we can offer you a one-stop service when it comes to energy. We have pooled all of our grid competence at MVV Netze. This subsidiary of ours offers customers a broad-based service portfolio, including operating and maintaining all kinds of energy grids, as well as performing repairs, fault clearance and modernisation work.

The customer base at MVV Netze includes housing and real estate companies that are planning or already operate their own drinking water distribution grids or electricity grids. Public sector clients and local authorities also benefit from our services, for example from our comprehensive energy industry service and our expertise in running grids economically. It goes without saying that MVV Netze also assists with industrial plants for electricity generators.

Our service offering

MVV Netze is itself a grid operator. In its capacity as an energy partner, it can offer a wide range of services for customers. These include monitoring and management services from its grid control centre, which is manned around the clock, as well as maintenance and fault clearance services. Specifically, our services include:



MVV Netze can see to the planning, construction, operation and maintenance both of high-voltage grids and of road lighting grids, as well as cable and telecommunications networks.

Furthermore, MVV Netze also plans and implements transformer stations and substations.


We operate and maintain gas distribution grids and control facilities.

Not only that, we would be glad to offer you in-depth advice on safety and to perform reviews and leak detections in the high-pressure gas grid.


Heating energy:

MVV Netze itself operates two heating energy plants which generate district heating. In addition to these, it also operates several district heating grids.

This competence and experience enable it to offer services ranging up to the takeover of all aspects of operations management at your heating energy plants and planning and building district heating grids in line with your needs.


MVV Netze offers a full range of services – from planning and building through to operating, inspecting and maintaining water supply plants. We also support customers in developing and operating their own plant technology.


Torsten Göhler

Head of Grid Operation and Maintenance Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 3514

Frank Rose

Head of Grid Management Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 2723

Adrianus Johan Veen

Head of Planning and Construction Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 3448