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MVV Energie AG

Profit from proprietary electricity generation


Attractive revenue option for electricity generators

Providing balancing power

The balance of supply and demand in the electricity grids is constantly changing due to fluctuations in the amount of electricity consumed and generated. Reserves are drawn on to ensure constant voltage levels in spite of these factors. These reserves can either increase the volume of electricity fed into the grid at short notice or siphon off excess generation volumes to storage facilities. This reserve is referred to as balancing power. A distinction is made between three levels of reserve: the minute reserve, secondary control power and primary control power.

Unlike the primary and secondary reserves, the minute reserve only takes effect after five minutes. Not only that, this reserve is often not provided by the electricity generators themselves, but rather by the operators of small plants. That makes the balancing energy market interesting for private individuals, businesses and public sector organisations with their own electricity generation facilities. Having said that, it is the secondary and primary balancing power levels that are increasingly gaining in importance. That is because higher revenues can be achieved by satisfying demand volumes which arise at ever shorter notice.

Compensation for marketing balancing power

Providing power volumes for the minute reserve and the secondary control power reserve in the balancing power market is a particularly attractive source of compensation. Providers are already compensated just for being willing to participate. You receive additional compensation if electricity volumes you produce are then actually drawn on.

Compensation may also fluctuate – as the balancing power market guarantees the stability of the electricity grid, however, the prices here are often better than on the electricity market.

Get ready for the balancing power market with MVV

We operate our own balancing power pool in which you can participate with your plant. For this, your plants are provided free of charge with the necessary equipment, such as remote control technology, and connected to the balancing power pool.

All of the processes involved – from technical implementation through to settlement – are transparent and clearly presented to you.


Alongside balancing power marketing, flexibilities marketing may also be an interesting option for you to obtain revenues from your electricity generation:

Here, you market your electricity not only on the balancing power market, but also on the day-ahead and intraday markets.