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MVV Energie AG

Optimum balancing power marketing based on our experience and expertise


Grid operators use balancing power to offset short-term fluctuations in the electricity grid. These capacity fluctuations may arise due to downtime at power plants or sudden downturns in solar or wind power production volumes following unforeseeable weather changes. A sudden spike or fall in electricity consumption can also produce this kind of fluctuation.

Balancing power makes it possible to quickly add or remove capacities. It enables the grid operator to ensure stable grid operations. The costs of this procedure are allocated to consumers via the balancing power levy.

Especially attractive:

You are already compensated merely for being willing to make electricity available.

Together with us, you can precisely plan your participation in balancing power marketing in line with your preferences, requirements and technical equipment.

As your solution-driven partner, we see to all the necessary technical measures – from installing remote control to connecting your plant to the balancing power pool – as well as all aspects of marketing through to settlement procedures.

Any questions? We would be glad to answer them.

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Rolf Jedanowski

Key Account Manager

Telefon: +49 621 290 3389