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Trustee land purchases


MVV – your service provider for purchasing land

The success of a site development or conversion project in terms of its impact on urban development and its financial performance is only apparent once the site is ready for marketing. However, local councils often do not have the budget resources needed to acquire the land on their own account or to finance initial measures.

One way to lend fresh momentum to urban development is for the land to be acquired and prepared for construction by a trustee. With our experience as a trustee, we can help move municipal projects rapidly forward to the implementation stage. Not only that, our customers also benefit from our access to numerous regional and national real estate and project developers

Trustee services

Many local councils are interested in initiating forward-looking urban development projects. Their budget situation nevertheless leaves them with little room for manoeuvre. MVV can extend their leeway for site development by providing advance financing to cover the development costs for municipal land. The financing is located outside the council’s regular budget. This is achieved by deferring the costs on a project handling account for a limited period through to the sale of the land.

Alternatively, MVV can act as a trustee and acquire the land from the council in a fiduciary capacity. The land is then marketed with or by the council itself, while all costs and revenues remain at the council. All legal aspects are governed by a trustee contract.

Sales and marketing support

MVV can support you in marketing your land in line with the objectives set by the local council. Drawing on our regional networks, we can find the right marketing approach for every project. Depending on the individual project, that may involve directly approaching real estate developers, producing flyers, contacting property exchanges or compiling internet presentations.

If an advance selection of investors based on a competitive process is required, we can take care of the following procedures:

  • We hold preparatory workshops with members of the local council.
  • We compile a catalogue of the relevant criteria.
  • We manage or chair the entire selection process.

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