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MVV Energie AG

Our services: water management and water quality


Water is a valuable and vital resource. Water business operators therefore bear a great responsibility to ensure sustainable, efficient and hygienic operations when extracting, purifying and distributing water. This responsibility applies throughout the whole cycle – from groundwater and groundwater treatment, via the water grid and drinking water checks through to wastewater technology.

Not only that, efficient and safe water management naturally also requires permanent checks and maintenance work to be performed on the plants and pipelines.

Our water management and wastewater technology cycle

The water management cycle comprises four steps:

Step 1 – Water extraction: With the experience we have gained from building and operating numerous proprietary wells, we can act as your partner when it comes to planning a well and implementing the project.

Step 2 – Water purification: If so desired, we can see to all or just some aspects of the operations management, including quality checks, at your water purification plant.

Step 3 – Drinking water grids: We operate our own drinking water grids and are therefore well qualified to act as your solution-driven partner for all projects relating to your water grid. Our services here including planning, project management and optimised quality management. We offer a one-stop solution for all services, including the necessary purification plants and pressure pump plants.

Step 4 – Wastewater technology: The wastewater is correctly cleaned and treated using MVV’s wastewater technology and then returned to the water cycle.


Laboratory services for water management

Checking tap water does not only involve testing pipelines for leaks and damages. Permanent analysis of drinking water is also crucial here to ensure that the end product is absolutely hygienic. Two stages have to be accounted for:

  • Groundwater: We use various methods to test the groundwater for potential pollution at the site. We can also optimise the water extraction process by working with computer-assisted groundwater models.
  • Water checks: The drinking water distributed via pipelines has to undergo permanent quality checks. This way, any potential contaminations and harmful substances can be detected at an early stage, thus ensuring the safety of your consumers.

Torsten Göhler

Head of Grid Operation and Maintenance Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 3514