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Climate-neutral energy generation at biomass power plants


Biomass power plants generate climate-neutral heating energy and environmentally-compatible process steam. On the one hand, the plants produce energy from materials that would otherwise harm or compromise the environment.

On the other hand, biomass power plants also use renewable materials, such as non-recyclable waste, plant-based waste or agricultural and forestry by-products. We have been investing larger sums in renewables-based energy generation since 2009 and are now one of Germany’s market leaders when it comes to using biomass.

Why not trust us to be your energy partner? Our competence in supplying and operating biomass power plants means that we can support you as a solution-driven partner.

The biomass power plant making good use of non-recyclable materials

A biomass power plant is a kind of waste incineration plant. These plants ensure that waste is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment. A further key advantage is that the energy generated at these heat and power plants is climate-neutral. Biomass power plants work in line with the motto “Getting more energy out of waste” and enhance the efficiency of energy generation.


If you are considering a waste incineration plant to dispose of your non-recyclable waste or if you already operate this kind of plant, then a biomass power plant could give you the opportunity to move ahead in economic terms.

As a partner for all energy-related topics, we would be glad to help you in implementing your plans.

Biomass power plants: generating electricity and heating energy from waste timber and non-recyclable timber

We have great competence and experience in making efficient use of biomass. MVV’s biomass power plant in Mannheim has been in operation since 2003. It generates energy from waste timber and non-recyclable timber that cannot be put to any other use. This thermal biomass power plant was one of the first of its kind. Over the years since operations began, we have become experts in using timber and other forms of biomass. We now operate more than 30 biomass power plants.

Among others, these include the biomass power plant in Königs Wusterhausen and the thermal power plant at Ridham Dock (UK). Each of our biomass CHP plants has a net electricity capacity of between 20 and 23 megawatts.

Are you interested in disposing of your waste while also protecting the environment? We would be glad to answer any questions you may have. We can offer you an extensive range of solutions for generating environmentally-friendly energy from waste at a biomass power plant.

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