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MVV Energie AG

Electricity, heating energy and fuel from sustainable generation


Our biomethane plants use environmentally-compatible methods to generate what is one of the most versatile energy forms. Biomethane is suitable for use in the electricity and heating energy supply and can also be used as a fuel for vehicles powered by natural gas.

Biomethane is an environmentally-friendly alternative to natural gas and is produced from renewable resources. Not only that, all of the residual products are reused, which means that generation does not produce any waste.

Waste-free biomethane generation at a biomethane plant

Biomethane is a real alternative to natural gas. It can be used just as flexibly and is also environmentally-friendly way in terms of its generation. At a biomethane plant, energy plants are fermented in the absence of oxygen. This gives rise to biomethane, which is separated and then purified.

Once fermentation is complete, nearly all of the substrates used can be returned to the fields as natural manure. The fields in turn are where the powerful energy plants grow that can be used once again for energy generation. The process comes round full circle. It is a closed circuit, and one which is sustainable and waste-free.

Feeding environmentally-friendly biomethane efficiently into the grid


Our biomethane plant has been feeding environmentally-friendly biomethane into the public grid since 2012. The first biomethane plant began operating in Klein Wanzleben in autumn 2012. This was followed by the plant in Kroppenstedt in spring 2014. Two further highly efficient biomethane plants are in operation in Stassfurt and Barby. We chose Saxony-Anhalt as the location for our biomethane plants.

Nationwide, we operate four other biogas plants. This means we have extensive expertise in the operation, supply and commercial and technical management of biomethane plants.

We are your efficiency partner and would be glad to assist you in developing and operating a biomethane plant or to work with you in this area.

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