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MVV Energie AG

Turning waste into green energy


Whether they are industrial, retail, gastronomy or commercial players, most companies have one thing in common – they all produce waste which takes its toll on the environment.

Energy from waste plants offer an elegant solution to this problem. They turn the waste into energy. This way, they make an important contribution towards building a resource-efficient and climate-neutral closed-cycle economy. The benefits are clear: Your waste disposal is secure and you gain valuable energy incinerating the waste.

Our template for you

You can use our template for your disposal and/or collection and disposal certification.

Download as pdf file (30.54kB)


You stand to benefit from energy from waste plants and all-round resource management

Energy from waste plants enable you to dispose of large quantities of non-recyclable waste and use this to generate electricity and heating energy. This kind of solution requires specialist management and expert skills.

Fossil fuels are declining in significance. Waste volumes, on the other hand, are permanently rising. Using waste to generate energy is therefore only logical. Having said this, the ecological challenges involved are substantial.

Transporting the waste to the energy plants has to be optimised. After all, selecting the fuel and treating the waste prior to incineration of non-recyclable components are factors which influence the calorific value. And suitable storage options also have to be available.

Our waste management department can act as a reliable efficiency partner if you wish to turn your waste into energy. From collecting non-recyclable waste to treating the waste at incineration plants through to feeding the energy into the grid and beyond – we can ensure that your waste is put to the best possible use in line with your company’s individual needs.


We offer you all-round resource management:

  • Planning input flows with waste volumes and potential uses
  • Offering solutions for your waste management
  • Devising delivery and storage solutions
  • Marketing plant output products, such as slag, filter dust and reusable materials

Making your energy from waste plants more efficient

If you are an operator of energy from waste plants, you also stand to benefit from our extensive services. You can draw on our operations management services and work with us to optimise your materials flow management and operations at your power plants and energy grids.

We would be glad to support you with our technical and organisational expertise.


Our services for you include:

  • Materials flow management
  • Operating power plants and energy grids
  • Disposal or marketing of residues
  • Technical and organisational issues
  • Designing new plants
  • Optimising energy generation
  • Marketing energy

Are you interested in ensuring that your non-recyclable waste is put to good use at an energy from waste plant or in enhancing the efficiency of your waste-fired CHP plant?

Get in touch with us.

Holger Franke

Head of Business Development at MVV Umwelt GmbH

Telefon: +49 621 290 4613