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MVV Energie AG

Network data management with MVV’s geo-information systems


The world is geographic! Much of our data has a spatial component and we can assist you to leverage this wealth of information. Our systems and applications enable you to perform analyses, evaluations and cartographic illustrations in support of your business processes.

By working with open interface technologies, such as the enterprise service bus and web-based data exchange services, we are well equipped for the future. Our portal technologies represent flexible tools – they make it possible for users to view and download the data they need via apps and that without any specialist GIS skills!

GPS tracking systems and state-of-the-art mapping and database technology enable assets such as pipelines and grids to be precisely documented. Together with factual data and network-logical relationships, this creates a basis to analyse the relevant data.

When it comes to network data management, we can take care of:

  • System operations: Launch and operation of a geographic information system or a portal
  • Interface support: Coupling existing systems at the company, facilitating data exchange
  • Data preparation: Coding the data with coordinates and addresses and converting the output data format into other target data formats
  • Data analysis: For example to perform quality assurance on a data pool
  • Data information / data evaluation: Planning information for authorised third parties, such as civil engineering companies, planning offices or compilation of topic-based evaluations
  • Training: Various training programmes on the geo-information systems used
  • Data capture / data management: Developing, storing and updating network documentation

Groundwater management with MVV’s geo-information system

We can help you to obtain a rapid and precise spatial overview of the current status and development in groundwater reserves, contaminant diffusion and other data from various monitoring stations. As a competent and solution-driven partner, we enable you to benefit from GIS technology in your projects as well. Here, you can benefit from our own longstanding experience in using geo-information systems to protect groundwater.

Our GIS technology deployment service covers various topics:

  • Data capture / presentation: Collecting and storing geographical, hydrological and hydrochemical data in a database.
  • Data analysis / evaluation: Compiling detailed analyses and evaluations
  • Monitoring aquifers: Determining the current status of the groundwater system based on regular samples
  • Protecting groundwater: Identifying contaminant diffusion and other risks to groundwater and rapidly deriving suitable measures

As an expert in GIS and your efficiency partner, MVV would be glad to make its geo-information systems and its experience available to you for your project as well. Have we aroused your curiosity?

Feel free to contact us.

Volker Patzwaldt

Head of Geo-Information Service Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 2558