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MVV Energie AG

We operate your road lighting


Energy efficiency and reliability are the crucial factors when it comes to operating road lighting. Overly high energy consumption leads to unnecessarily high operating costs, and that on a permanent basis, while road lighting malfunctions often create a safety risk for people using the roads.

We ourselves operate road lighting networks in Mannheim and various other towns and communities. That means we have a wealth of experience and a good eye for what matters most when it comes to lighting roads and streets. Drawing on this experience, we are the perfect efficiency partner for your road lighting projects, whether they are public roads and streets or industrial plants and business parks.

Work with us to enhance the efficiency of your road lighting

There are many options that we can draw on to ensure that your road lighting network is economically efficient – from selecting the right energy supplier to modern and efficient networks through to energy-saving lighting technology and light sources.

As your partner for all energy-related topics, this is another area where we can offer you hands-on advice and help.


Our approach to road lighting covers all key topics – from planning support in building, maintaining and operating the system through to helping you to save energy. Here, you stand to benefit from our extensive experience in developing, operating and maintaining road lighting grids in various districts. We also act as a solution-driven partner offering solutions to numerous other lighting network operators.

Operating and maintaining road lighting

Operating and maintaining lighting networks is an extensive and responsible task. Do you operate your own road lighting networks? Are you on the lookout for a reliable partner?

As a service partner for road lighting networks, we can offer a one-stop solution covering all your needs:

  • Cooperating with architects and urban planners to ensure the optimal integration of your projects
  • Handling all measures in line with your requirements and wishes
  • Seeing to all tenders and materials procurement
  • Repairing and maintaining the lighting network
  • Ensuring lighting quality with a 24-hour emergency service
  • Advising you on potential energy savings

Kontakt bei Störungen im Straßenbeleuchtungsnetz / defekte Straßenlaternen:

Telefon: +49 621 290 2227

Stephan Gött

Group Head of Construction and Maintenance Networks

Telefon: +49 621 290 2302