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MVV Energie AG

Top-quality windfarm management to boost renewable energies


Are you planning to build a wind turbine or do you already manage a wind power company? First-class windfarm management is crucial if your turbines are to operate with maximum efficiency. Wind power is renewable and sustainable. That is why we aim to promote and expand this form of electricity generation. As your partner for energy-related topics, we would be glad to support you.

MVV’s wind power – powering the countryside

You can rely on our experience!

MVV has 95 wind turbines and these generate green electricity for more than 110,000 households. They enable us to avoid CO2 emissions of around 319,000 tonnes a year. All of MVV’s wind turbines are onshore and they have a total capacity of 196 megawatts. We aim to continue increasing our renewable generation capacities.

To achieve this goal, we have been investing in renewable energies since 2009 and refining our project development skills in this area. To promote the use of wind power, we see to all aspects of windfarm management – from project development to managing operations to marketing the electricity – both for our own turbines and on behalf of other owners.


As your efficiency partner, we can make sure your wind turbine is efficient.

We can act as your solution-driven partner and would be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have. When it comes to planning and building wind power projects, we can also offer expert support for your windfarm management.

Windfarm management for Kirchberg windfarm

We have taken over the management of the windfarm at Kirchberg in the Hunsrück region on behalf of Energieversorgung Offenbach.

This windfarm comprises 23 wind turbines which generate climate-friendly electricity. The site benefits from strong winds, which enable the turbines to supply 100,000 people with electricity via the public grid.

We would be glad to support you too with all energy-related topics.

We are a competent partner and a reliable contact for your windfarm management.

Get in touch with us.

Ernst Kauder

Head of Wind and Biomethane Department

Telefon: +49 621 290 4584