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MVV Energie AG

RFQ (quote request)


In future, all aspects of requests for quotations (RFQs) for goods and services can be handled electronically via the supplier portal. The exact requirements in the services requested will be provided by our purchasers within the portal.

We will automatically inform you about current RFQs by e-mail and in the supplier portal. To log into the supplier portal and submit a quotation, you will need your username and the password. Employees with access to your supplier account and admin rights can see all of your company’s RFQs – both current ones and RFQs that have already expired. This admin function enables you to submit quotations by proxy.


Should you not be registered as a supplier, you can receive the RFQ via one-off access to the specific price enquiry.

You are already registered as a supplier? Here you can access MVV’s supplier portal: