Heading for
climate neutrality

Achieving climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest is the declared aim on national and European levels. It is a great challenge, and one that can only be achieved by consistently decarbonising the energy supply.

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Das war 2020.

The direction we took was absolutely right.

In 2020, we brought major investment projects from recent years to a successful conclusion and started new ones.


Responsibility. For our employees.

Since the beginning of 2020, society and business, and thus MVV as well, have been affected by the restrictions, rules and regulations resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

mehr energiewende

We make the energy turnaround possible for our customers.

Climate protection affects us all. That is why we offer one-stop solutions enabling retail and business customers to turn their own energy turnarounds into reality.

mehr energieintelligenz

Building on renewable energies

Without sustainable energy generation, it will not be possible to avert climate change. Our investments in renewable energies have been high for many years now – and will remain so in future as well.

mehr energieintelligenz

We are investing in supply reliability

We need electricity, heat, gas and water to cover our basic needs. Their availability and supply have to be secured even as the energy system is transformed towards climate neutrality. We guarantee that.

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