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Here you may search for financial reports, factbook and documents about the annual general meetings of the different financial years.

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Financial Report 1st Quarter 2012/13
Quarterly Statement Q1 FY 2019
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2012/13
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2012/13
Annual Report 2012/13
Factbook 1st Quarter 2012/13
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2012/13
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2012/13
Fact Book 2012/13
Articles of Incorporation 03/2013
Declaration of Conformity 2012/13
Corporate Governance Declaration 2012/13
Corporate Governance Report 2012/13
Voting Results Annual General Meeting 2014
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2007/08
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2007/08
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2007/08
Annual Report 2007/08
Analyst Conference 2007/08 27th January 2009
Factbook 2007/08
Factbook 1st Quarter 2008
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2008
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2008
Tentative Figures 2007/08
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2008/09
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2008/09
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2008/09
Annual Report 2008/09
Factbook 2008/09
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2009
Factbook 1st Quarter 2009
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2009
Tentative Figures 2008/09
Invitation general meeting 2010
Voting results general meeting 2010
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2011/12
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2011/12
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2011/12
Annual Report 2011/12
Factbook 1st Quarter 2011/12
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2011/12
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2011/12
Factbook 2011/12
Explanation corporation management 2012
Explanation corporation management
Corporate Governance 2011/12
Invitation general meeting 2013
Voting Results Annual General Meeting 2013
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2005/06
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2005/06
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2005/06
Annual Report 2005/06
Equity Capital Forum 2005
Factbook 2005/06
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2006
Factbook 1st Quarter 2006
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2006
Paris April 2006
London January 2006
Tentative Figures 14.11.2006
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2004/05
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2004/05
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2004/05
Annual Report 2004/05
Analyst Confencerence August 2005
Analyst Confencerence 16th March 2005
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2009/10
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2009/10
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2009/10
Annual Report 2009/10
company presentation
Analyst presentation 2009/10
Factbook 2009/10
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2010
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2010
Factbook 1st Quarter 2010
Corporate Governance December 2010
Invitation general meeting 2011
Voting results general meeting 2011
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2010/11
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2010/11
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2010/11
Annual Report 2010/11
Factbook 2010/11
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2011
Factbook 1st Quarter 2011
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2011
Explanation corporation management 11th October 2011
Corporate Governance December 2010
Articles of association MVV Energie February 2011
Voting Results Annual General Meeting 2012
Invitation general meeting 2012
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2006/07
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2006/07
Annual Report 2006/07
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2006/07
Factbook 2006/07
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2007
Factbook 1st Quarter 2007
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2007
Tentative Figures 2006/07
Employee shares
Supervisory board mandates
Managing board mandates
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2013/14
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2013/14
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2013/14
Annual Report 2013/14
Factbook 1st Quarter 2013/14
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2013/14
Fact Book 2013/14
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2013/14
Articles of Incorporation of MVV Energie AG 03/2014
Entsprechenserklärung 2013/14
Erklaerung zur Unternehmensfuehrung 2013/14
Corporate Governance 2013/14
Voting Results Annual General Meeting 2015
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2014/15
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2014/15
Annual Report 2014/15
Factbook 1st Quarter 2014/15
Factbook 2nd Quarter 2014/15
Factbook 3rd Quarter 2014/15
Analysts' Conference 2014/15
Declaration of Conformity 2014/15
Corporate Governance Declaration 2015
Corporate Governance Report 2015
Supervisory board mandates 2014/15
Committees 2014/15
Managing board mandates 2014/15
Quarterly Statement Q1 2015/16
Financial Report 1st Half 2015/16
9M Quarterly Statement 2015/16
Annual Report FY 2016
Magazine 2016
Membership of Supervisory Board Committees at MVV Energie AG 2016
Members of the Supervisory Board Committees of MVV Energie AG 2016
Members of the Supervisory Board of MVV Energie AG 2016
Members of the Executive Board of MVV Energie AG 2016
Analysts' Conference 1st Half of 2015/16
Analysts' Conference Financial Year 2016
Corporate Governance 2016
Scope of consolidation of the MVV Energie Group at 30 September 2016
Quarterly Statement Q1 FY 2017
Quarterly Statement 1st Half FY 2017
9M Quarterly Statement FY 2017
Annual Report FY 2017
Magazine 2017
Analysts' Conference 1st Half FY 2017
Analysts' Conference FY 2017
Corporate Governance 2017
List of MVV's shareholdings 2017
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2018
Ergebnisse der Abstimmung
Notification of Voting Rights 01/19/2018
Quarterly Statement Q1 FY 2018
Quarterly Statement 1st Half FY 2018
9M Quarterly Statement FY 2018
Annual Report FY 2018
Magazine 2018
Analysts' Conference 1st Half FY 2018
Analysts' Conference FY 2018
Corporate Governance 2018
Total number of shares and voting rights upon convening of the Annual General Meeting
Consolidated financial statements (IFRS) as of 30 September 2018
Shareholders' rights
Security information
Dates relevant to Annual General Meeting
Procedures governing exercising of voting rights by proxies
Procedures governing postal vote
Requirements governing participation in Annual General Meeting and exercising of voting rights
Combined Management Report for the MVV Group and MVV Energie AG as of September 2018
Supervisory Board report
Explanatory Report of the Executive Board in respect of takeover-related disclosures as per § 289a (1) and § 315a (1) HGB
Explanatory information concerning Agenda Item 1
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting
Information on data protection for shareholders
Information on data protection for shareholder representatives
Voting results Annual General Meeting 2019
Financial Report 1st Half FY 2019
9M Quarterly Statement FY 2019
Analysts' Conference 1st Half FY 2019
Corporate Governance 2019
Corporate Governance 2019
Factsheet Biomass power plant Ridham Dock
Certificate ISO 50001
Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 14001
Annual Report FY 2019
Analysts' Conference FY 2019
Magazine 2019
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2020
3M Quarterly Statement FY 2020
Sustainability Report 2019
Voting results Annual General Meeting 2020
Analysts’ Presentation H1 FY 2020
Interim Report H1 2020 FY
Quarterly Statement 9M FY 2020
Code of Procedure for the Supervisory Board of MVV Energie AG
Annual Report FY 2020
Analysts' Presentation FY 2020
Corporate Governance 2020
Magazine 2020
Invitation Annual General Meeting 2021
3M Quarterly Statement FY 2021
Key points of the presentation by the CEO of AGM 2021
Voting results AGM 2021
Analysts’ Presentation H1 FY 2021
Interim Report H1 2021 FY
Audio-Aufzeichnung der Analystenkonferenz H1 Geschäftsjahr 2021
9M Quarterly Statement FY 2021
Aufzeichnung der Analystenkonferenz GJ 2020
Offering Prospectus / Stock Exchange Listing Prospectus 1999
Annual Report FY 2021
Magazine 2021
Analysts' Presentation FY 2021
Corporate Governance 2021
Audio-Aufzeichnung der Analystenkonferenz Geschäftsjahr 2021
Invitation Annual General Meeting 2022
Quarterly Statement 3M FY 2022
Key Points of Executive Board Report of AGM 2022
MVV Sustainability Report 2021
Voting results AGM 2022
Analysts’ Presentation H1 FY 2022
Interim Report H1 2022 FY
Audio-Aufzeichnung der Analystenkonferenz H1 Geschäftsjahr 2022
Quarterly Statement 9M FY 2022
Analyst's presentation FY 2022
Annual Report FY 2022
Corporate Governance 2022
Audio-Aufzeichnung der Analystenkonferenz Geschäftsjahr 2022
Invitation 2023 Annual General Meeting
Remuneration Report FY 2022
Quarterly Statement 3M FY 2023
MVV Sustainability Report 2022
Key Points of Executive Board Report
Voting results AGM 2023
Articles of Incorporation 2023
Interim Report H1 2023 FY
Analysts’ Presentation H1 FY 2023
Quarterly Statement 9M FY 2023