Building a secure future

Stadtwerke Kiel: Supplying the state capital

We are the energy providers. Our grids transport electricity, gas, heating energy and water – energy from Stadtwerke Kiel – to where private households and business need it. Here, we are looking firmly to the future. We also pool numerous additional services for private and municipal customers, in some cases at proprietary subsidiaries. Responsible entrepreneurial activity and responsibility towards our customers – that is what we stand for at Stadtwerke Kiel.

The core region served by Stadtwerke Kiel includes the state capital of Kiel and the surrounding districts and municipalities. After all, to offer suitable energy supply solutions to the local population, you have to be very familiar with the local region and its people. Virtually 100% of the customers in this core region have placed their trust in their local energy supplier.

What’s more, the company acted early to exploit its new freedom on the energy markets and now also operates well outside its regional boundaries. All of our internal and external strategies and structures account for this new freedom. We have always stood for flexibility, dependability and supply reliability – and remain equally committed to these factors. With sales of around Euro 515 million and 1,000 employees in Kiel and the surrounding area (2016/2017 financial year), we are a major economic player and employer in the city.

In short: We are building a secure future.



Frank Meier
CEO Stadtwerke Kiel


Dr. Jörg Teupen
Technology and Personnel Director Stadtwerke Kiel