Magazine 2020

Magazine 2020
"Heading for climate neutrality"

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"Sustainable business has become the key task for our generation."


MVV’s share: benefits for investors

Investment in MVV Energie? This suggests:

  • Sustainable – climate neutrality in the long term, with specific sustainability targets by 2026 and 2030
  • Stable dividend – secured by solid earnings and financial strength
  • Continuous development of business portfolio – across major stages of value chain, regions and customers
  • Targeted programme of investment in growth and climate neutrality

Annual Report FY 2020

Published on 10th December 2020.


Magazin 2020

Published on 10th December 2020.


Online-Magazine 2020

Sustainability Report Financial Year 2020

Published on 26th February 2021


Financial Calendar


12.02.20213M Quarterly Statement Financial Year 2021
12.03.2021Annual General Meeting
12.05.2021H1 Interim Report Financial Year 2021
12.05.2021Analysts` Conference Call     
13.08.20219M Quarterly Statement Financial Year 2021
14.12.2021Annual Report Financial Year 2021
14.12.2021Annual Results Press Conference and Analysts' Conference for Financial Year 2021